Kristelle Monterrosa  

Director / Executive Producer

Kristelle is a multicultural performing artist and producer that strives to reach authentic expression in all creative endeavors.  By age 12, she was performing globally, at age 22, whilst completing her Theater Arts studies at the prestigious National Arts Institute of Buenos Aires, she produced and co-directed Medea Tango a tango-contemporary dance show, winner of the National Patrimony Award of Argentina. As a flamenco dancer for 20 years and award winning choreographer, Kristelle has trained in Spain, Chile, Argentina and California with Anselmo de Jerez, Merche Esmeralda, and her influential mentor Alicia Morena DiPalma. She’s performed at The Morgan Stock Theater in Monterey, CA, The Broad Theatre in Santa Monica and Microsoft Theater with Mario Reyes from The Gipsy Kings in L.A. Kristelle has starred recently in the Hispanic Heritage Award winning, The Fare and award winning plays, Sideways the Play and Femmes A Tragedy. She’s produced the web series Manic Adolescence, currently in post production. In 2016, she performed forty shows with the L.A. Phil at the Hollywood Bowl. She continues to teach and perform, Dancing Souls is her creative child and greatest pride.   




Miguel Angel Rodriguez

 Cinematographer / Editor

A Spanish filmmaker, Miguel Angel is a visionary in his cinematic approach. He’s produced, directed and shot several Documentaries internationally and currently resides in LA. He’s worked on several film projects in the United States, such as You Belong To Me (John Cork 2015), Parched (Alex Saveliev, 2014) or A Day Off ( Erich Kemp, 2015) and several Music Videos. As well as projects in Spain, such as NegraBlanca (Helena de Lanoes, 2013) or the documentary Noches de Ramadan (2012). He’s chosen to accompany Kristelle throughout her journey. Following  the  crippling effects of a dancer going through knee surgery to the roots of her first love, Flamenco. Documenting the raw verité of her journey. For him it’s a creative exercise and challenge. As a Spaniard, Flamenco is part of his cultural heritage and he finds it riveting to further investigate the Art’s origins, this far away, from the “madre patria”. He understands Kristelle and Alicia’s feelings towards flamenco and the depth of emotions transmitted both in the music and dance.



 Margarita Reyes


Margarita Reyes' work occupies a unique cross section of producing, acting, education, and activism. As a producer at the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at UCLA (2010-2013) she focused on documenting current social movements.  She produced the feature independent film RAISE YOUR HAND (aka UNABRIDGED) and has co-written a TV series pilot with actor and comedian Jay Mohr. Her production company, ACantar Films (2007-present), produced the documentary, an Unfinished DREAM, which follows the lives of undocumented students in the California University system.  She has since directed, produced, written, cast, and acted in over 100 productions. Much of her work focuses on the issues of Latino and immigrant youth.




Meredith Kiyomura


Meredith Kiyomura classically-trained writer of mixed-race parentage with an Irish American mother and a Japanese-American father. Born and raised in Southern California she grew up thinking she was like everyone else in the OC. One day while talking to her mother about Japanese internment  camps, she learned her own father and his family, her blood relatives had been put in internment  camps. The feeling of Injustice struck a chord with Meredith and she decided that whenever possible she would fight for the rights of others, and equality for all. Most recently she has done so as a fundraiser with a nonprofit that brings Science Education to underserved Youth in Orange County and Los Angeles. In her first year in this position she raised over a quarter million dollars and helped steward long lasting relationships with foundations, corporations and individuals of high-net-worth.

Claire Stringer

Marketing / Outreach 


Claire has helped entrepreneurs to grow their business and income online for the past seven years. Her first marketing position on an online speaker series grossed over 10k. A current online business management and marketing client doubled his income with her assistance. Claire herself has a background in the arts and dance, and quickly caught the jondo fire when Kristelle told her about the Dancing Souls documentary project. 



Christine Treibel

 Line Producer

An activist and Creative Producer, after graduating from UCLA, she helmed digital production for CBS Domestic Television properties. Christine has produced with NBC Universal, overseeing numerous shows including Fashion Police, The Soup, E! News and Live from the Red Carpet. She’s produced branded content for Captain Morgan, Nike, Starbucks as well as music videos for Warner Bros Records and Universal Music Group. Her first feature film Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? was invited to 50 film festivals worldwide. Who’s Afraid of Vagina Wolf? won Best Actress and Audience awards and is now available on iTunes. Christines short film credits include the upcoming Weedkiller, for the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art and Maddy, a selection of AFI's Directing Workshop for Women and official selection of the Newport Beach Film Festival. She was a  production manager on the series East Los High which was purchased by Hulu and was nominated for a People's Choice Award. She also served as UPM for Bad Samaritans with FOX Digital and Netflix.



Heather Anderson (a.k.a. PHLUX)

Graphic and Web Design 

Heather has pioneered her way through the birth of the internet to present day immersive environments. Starting as one of the first women founders in the Web Hosting Industry to growing the UX team at Disney Interactive. Her mastery in the art of pattern recognition and emotional brand strategies has honored her with exploring interesting paradigm shifts in the architecture of analog and digital experiences. Heather has availed herself to be a steward for causes in the Arts and Girl Empowerment. She donates her time designing and developing strategies for the MAVERICK girl movement, Yoga Retreats, Eating Disorder Programs and her Laurel Canyon neighborhood community; helping to secure partnerships and funding through creating visual concepts and prototypes.




Alfredo Caceres

 Composer, Flamenco Guitarist

Born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala, Alfredo is a versatile guitarist and composer. Alfredo plays with diverse groups ranging from world music, flamenco, jazz, brazilian bossa, salsa, pop and other Latin music. He’s collaborated on recordings in local and international productions, as well as played at different festivals in the US and Europe. In 2012, Cáceres released his first solo album in the U.S.  In 2015 Alfredo released his album "Hispanica" in duet with chilean guitar player Waldo Valenzuela. He’s collaborated with artists such as guitarist Jorge Strunz from the Strunz & Farah duo, the french singer from the Gipsy Kings family, George Reyes, Jazz Guitarist Michael O'Neill and Oud player Dimitris Mahlis.