Flamenco lessons with Kristelle 

Kristelle teaches in Los Angeles, CA.

Our body is the temple of our soul: our home. Daily stresses create
obstacles within us.  Our natural instinct for play and creativity is
restricted through standardized teaching, testing and work structures where we sit and stay put. To create a full experience of life’s gifts, we must build a bridge between
who our truest most enlightened version of ourselves is and what we
feel conditions us and holds us back.

Class with Kristelle incorporates breathing, movement, space
design, dance, rhythmic training and historical background to help you find your own dance roots and sharpen your focus. Let’s tune into ourselves in harmony with our surroundings!

For more information on my current teaching schedule, group and privates, please email info@dancingsoulss.com. 

Flamenco class is fun!


"Taking class with Kristelle is transformative. She is so well versed in what she's teaching; her supply of history, legend, lore, technique and the "why" of Flamenco is bottomless. She is supportive, insightful, a joy to learn from and dance with. It is a pleasure to call her my friend and teacher."                     

Julia McIlvaine

"It's wonderful to study flamenco with Kristelle. She is not only a master of the technique, but embodies the soul of flamenco--la alma-- and shares it with her students. I've taken flamenco dance classes before, but was overwhelmed by trying to grasp the complex rhythms and counts of the music. Kristelle finds creative ways of breaking down the steps, without losing the flourishes and nuances integral to flamenco. Her enthusiasm for this art is contagious and infuses every class with her pure joy of living and sharing flamenco."

Claire Stringer  





Flamenco for Kids! 

"Here I Am" Workshop with Kristelle Monterrosa. "Aqui Estoy Yo" An introductory class for Children agaes 3-12. 

Flamenco basics, arms, footwork and body coordination is designed to strengthen personal boundaries, sense of self and empathy for others. We will learn The "Sevillanas" a special folkloric dance from  as well as connect with the message of joy and celebration. Come ready to move and gain cultural insight into Spain in a fun and dynamic way! 


Currently teaching private group lessons for "Mommy/Daddy and Me Flamenco" and at "My Escuelita" Bilingual Preschool in Redondo Beach.